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How to prepare to face the new year Bubble News Digital . marketing trend 2024: how to prepare to face the new year  . Marketing digital At The Bubble . Company we are convin that starting well is the first step to achieving excellent results. And what better occasion than the start of a new year? Digital marketing is now a key element of . the strategy of many companies but as it is constantly evolving it is essential to always be up to date so as not to have customers stolen by your competitors. In this article we will see what the main trends related to digital . Marketing are for 2024, through the opinions of marketers of B2B companies.

B2B companies invest their marketing

How will  companies invest their marketing budgets? According Poland WhatsApp Number Data  to the B2B benchmark report 2023 , published by LinkedIn, business leaders have clear ideas for 2024: 36% will invest in the generation of new leads 30% on building a brand and spreading it 20% on the increase in demand 15% in devising tailor-made strategies to attract new key people (Account Based Marketing) Digital marketing trend: the role of artificial intelligence If 2023 was the year in which the general public became acquainted with artificial intelligence , largely thanks to Chat GPT , 2024 could be the year of its consecration. According to the LinkedIn report, 81% of B2B marketers will increasingly use these technologies. What will the consequences be? More opportunities to climb Greater efficiency and creativity More content and more competition.

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Contributing to more informed

Values ​​and culture as an objective eaders Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  say that diversity , equity and inclusion ( DEI) values ​​are important . Company, contributing to more informed decision-making and advertising campaigns . that reach more audiences. vast. The marketing activities, in addition to being aimed at reaching new potential . Customers, will also have the aim of positioning the companies from a value point of view by dealing with the diffusion and promotion of these values ​​internally and externally. Marketing trend 2024: the most used platforms for B2B marketing Social networks confirm themselves as an excellent vehicle for intercepting the B2B target as well. But which are the ones most used by experts? 

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