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How do they choose their suppliers. Even urc hasing offices or company managers are online and, today more than ever, they inform themselves before relying on a product or service. As Gintux also confirms , according to which, company decision makers consult 10 online contents before choosing a new supplier. How to create a business website? The creation of a company website requires various skills related not only to the creation but also to the aesthetic aspect, the experience that users will have within it and optimization for search engines.

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we will see some simple data that allows anyone Switzerland Telegram Data to evaluate a company’s website, even in B2B. But first let’s take a step back. Why create your own business website? If until a few years ago the distrust towards online purchases was greater and in some cases even justified, today buying on a website has become a widespread custom. Users are in fact much more digitally literate, managing to consciously distinguish a possible scam from a safe purchase. In fact, 69.4% of consumers say  more often from mobile than in store But can we also say the same for companies.

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has  that is aesthetically pleasing but also Indonesia Telegram Number functional. The time it takes a user to form an opinion (positive or negative) of a website is equivalent to less than a second . So having a website is not enough, it must be optimized . How to achieve all this? There are numerous alternatives such as Web Agencies , companies ( like ours ) specialized in the creation of websites that have a team made up of all the professionals necessary to obtain the best result. Alternatively, you can rely on freelancers who carry out these activities individually or by relying on external collaborators. 5 statistics you need to know about company websites But let’s get to the point, here are 5 real statistics that can help you understand whether the professionals you have entrusted .

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