It is also an SEO exercise that you can use to help Google spiders better understand what your site is about. You can build the link structure in two different types; These are links that help you highlight important areas of your site. Things you should pay attention to when building internal links: Links Used in the Menu Area It is one of the most used internal links because the categories you link to in the menu area to help users appear on every page. To configure these links, you can access them from Google webmaster tools > Search Traffic > Internal Links . As seen in the picture, most links go to the Home page. The most important area for us is that the authority of the domain name increases and rises in keywords. Then, you can include the categories in which you use keywords in the menu. The most important area you should pay attention to in this process is the “title” section that defines the pages.

Building Link Structure

In other words, while naming the “Home Page” that users see, using your target word in the title section to correctly identify it to search engines will help you get better results. Let’s do the examples as if we were creating a news site. Let our target word for the home page be Current News, and this is the link structure that should be Brazil Whatsapp Number Data used. In this way, we provide better direction to users and search engine bots. You need to do the same for categories. In other words, our target word in the Sports section of the menu is “Sports News”. Choose your keyword in as much detail as possible.

Internal Link Structure (Internal Links)

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Be careful not to use the same links in different contexts in recent times. It is important that the work done is natural. side bar It is the most important area where you will manage the Germany Phone Number List content in the internal link area. Since it creates links that appear on every page of your site, the number of internal links is quite high. It is also the region where you will best increase content interaction with your visitors. We recommend that featured content stay on Sidebar for at least 6-10 days. In addition, the more your visitors interact with these contents, the faster and more permanently your ranking increases. Since it appears on every page, every link added gets a lot of links. However, you need to be selective about the links to be added to the footer area. A high number does not mean it is good. Proceeding proportionately will help you get healthy results.