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Lead generation with facebook means being able to target only those contacts who may be interested in your brand . In short, you can talk to your future customers. And that’s no small thing. Remember that making space on the web and targeting a specific niche are fundamental actions to be able to sell. What is facebook lead ads. What is facebook lead ads? To create a data collection with facebook you have an ad hoc tool at your disposal: facebook lead ads , facebook’s paid advertising platform , a specific but simple to use tool.

Let's start with a consideration

 Let’s start with a consideration most of the traffic on the web comes from mobile devices and when we are on our cell phones we have even less patience than on the computer. This means that a form that is difficult to apply will be rejected immediately and you could risk losing the user. The facebook tool allows you to create a simple, fast and effective form . And since facebook already has your asia email list customers’ data, the form will be pre-filled and all they have to do is hit send. To use this tool, however, you must have a business facebook page . But let’s see in detail how to create a data collection campaign.

Download the marketing funnel

 Download the marketing funnel guide Image Image How to use facebook lead ads? You have 2 ways to take advantage of this tool. Follow our instructions and it will be easier said than done. Use your facebook page. The fastest way to create a lead collection form is to select the item: publishing tools → lead capture ad forms. Click on: create – new form and follow the wizard. The most important part concerns the link to the privacy policy. Once you have created the My Number List form, to get an idea of ​​the data collection, simply go to: publishing tools and refer to the form you created. Use facebook for business . Go to the page and click on: create an advert. You will find yourself on the ads management page.

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