This past week I gave an information session, together with some colleagues from the specialized Life, Pensions and Investments unit of the insurance company Mapfre , at a Professional College of Engineers Inheritance planning before the Inheritance regarding Inheritance Tax and Donations, focusing on the “mortis causa” case and the need to plan it to avoid some problems that may arise after its occurrence To begin with, the Tax itself, in its article 3.1, very clearly delimits who are the natural persons who are subject to the Tax. .Those who acquire assets and rights by inheritance, legacy or other Succession title .

Myriam Bejarano Cantero

Those who acquire them by donation or any other legal transaction or free and inter vivos title . .The amounts receive by the Beneficiaries in Life Insurance If we want to focus on the Inheritance Inheritance planning before the Inheritancesince it is for the case of donation in Life, therefore, the legislation itself tells us that in the event of death, we have two instruments to transfer our assets, the legal Iraq Number Data proceures of Will, Legacy or other legal business, and Life Insurance, in its different modalities (Risk, Unit Linke Life Annuities…) Regarding the most common problem in Inheritance, we were talking about cases, such as: Lack of Planning.

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Lack of Liquidity for Processing Expenses Notary, Lawyers, Tax Payments Problem of collation between relatives Family Business Inheritance for a Non-Spouse Couple Renunciation of Inheritance by legatees (non-relatives groups I- IV) We saw the high number of Inheritances that are Turkey Phone Number List renounce each year, probably due to not having proceede calmly and slowly with adequate Planning, and not providing, in many cases, immediate Inheritance planning before the Inheritance Linke, annuities, etc., to continue with the expenses or debts of the rest of the inheritance We took a look at the steps and costs to make a Will.