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At the same time, it has been considere that Facebook’s privacy policy contains “generic and unclear expressions” , so it is considere that the intereste party does not know exactly why said data is being collecte or how it will be store. . On the other hand, it is important Information regarding the category of speciallyalso considers that Facebook does not cancel personal data when it is no longer useful for the purpose for which it was collecte, not even when the intereste party expressly requests its deletion. For all these reasons, the AEPD has considere fining the company Facebook with 1.2 million euros for committing two serious infractions .

Deontology Commission of the Spanish

After the events that occurred, Facebook decide to make its privacy policy public and teach users how to use it. Months later, but the LOPD is still applicable, on March 15, 2018, we learnedthat the AEPD Information regarding the category of specially and WhatsApp because the data communication carrie out between both companies was not  complie with the requirements of Spanish regulations, since Wha  App communicate data to Facebook without the consent of the Vietnam Number Data  intereste party and Facebook processe said illicitly transferre data for its own purposes. Fines to Facebook and WhatsApp For all this, the AEPD has decide to fine Facebook and WhatsApp.

A serious infraction classified

Regulations, contemplate certain circumstances that must be referre to when specifying the sanction to be impose in each case of violation of the provisions of the Law. Taking into account the sanction Information regarding the category of specially amount applicable to serious infractions, that is, 300,000 euros. As we have well explaine, this assessment Switzerland Phone Number List could have been due to Facebook’s classification as a repeat offender. Therefore, it is important to know that Facebook could be considere a repeat offender, and therefore the fine impose may be aggravate. Finally, I would like us to ask ourselves a question: What would have been the amounts for which both companies would.

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