Important information guests what form of communication is best email telephone video call how to communicate critical comments when managing a remote team and what to do to avoid misunderstandings during conversations what to do to ensure that remote communication does not distract attention and does not prolong the execution of tasks. Nikolaj Kirov and Kaja PrystupaRzdca emphasizhow important it is to use a camera during remote communication. At the same time they challengcommon objections such as I have no hair done I dont have makeup on Im in pajamas. Working hours do not free us from preparing for it even when working from home.

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Nikolaj told the story of an entrepreneur who said he couldnt imagine negotiating milliondollar contracts in pajamas and slippers. How to manage a remote team and how to control the execution of tasks The Russia TG Number next element of the conversation with the guests from KirovPartners was the issue of monitoring remote workers. Our interlocutors emphasizthat constantly verifying employees while working remotely and using technology to track their computer activities is not a good solution. To effectively manage a remote team and verify tasks entrepreneurs should use teamwork tools e.g. Trello KanBo .

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Thanks to them the employee can independently mark which tasks have been completwhich are currently being carriout and which will be complet. We also touchon the issue of preparing managers to manage remote employees during the pandemic and how to communicate critical comments in such a way that they do not demotivate the Russia WhatsApp Number employee. Managing a remote team how to integrate a team remotely and effectively Managing a remote team may also involve the neto onboard new people using electronic means of communication such as a telephone or video call via instant messenger. Therefore at the end of the Visible Academy webinar on remote work we askour interlocutors how to onboard new team members when there is no personal contact what to do to make new people part of the team.