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 How do you get people to join your email list? NOTE! Do not enable Lead Pages to provide an automatic email function. According to  email list must confirm that he wants to join the list. The joining gift should only be sent after this confirmation has been made. If you use Lead Pages’ automatic email function, the joiner will receive a gift before confirming the join. Who would want to join again after receiving the gift…? Edit the join form From the list of links on the left, I recommend going through each link. You can edit the text by activating the right item in the left link list. For example, clicking on the Header Text link activates the header and you can edit it in the box that appears in the upper left corner. Don’t forget the thank you page! I myself have made all the thank you pages using Lead Pages.

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From the menu that opens, select API Key. If you have not created an API Key yet, you should latest database create it using the Create a Key function. After generating the API Key, copy it and log in to Lead Pages. In the upper right corner of Lead Pages, click your name and then Integrations. Select  API Key to the place reserved for it and save. NOTE! Changes regarding Mailchimp are coming to Lead Pages. Check if the change applies to you. If you have to change the version of Mailchimp, remember to change the new program for each landing page. You can test Lead Box using an A/B test. Before moving on to a new function, remember to save your work. When you’re done editing the page, save and publish. With the Customize this form function, we get to the point.

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From the menu that opens, select “My Settings” After that, click on “Developer” from the link list on the left side of the page. There you will find API Connection, “Address” and “Key”. NOTE! Did you know that AC can be translated into Finnish…? Read more here . Open Lead Pages in a new tab and log in. Click on your name in the upper right corner and “Integrations” from the menu that MY Numbers List opens. Search for Active Campaign in the programs. Copy the Ape address and key from Active Campaign to the places reserved for them and click save. Log out of both programs and back in and the integration is complete. Here’s how to integrate Lead Pages and Mailchimp: Sign in to Mailchimp. Click on your name in the upper right corner and from the menu that opens Account and then Extras.

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