Facebook is known as the most used social media site in our country. We have explained the effects of this social network, which almost every internet user has, on users, search engines and websites in our previous article titled ” ” . In our current article, we are talking about how to rank on search engines by using Facebook in the most efficient way. We will explain that we will increase it. Before moving on to the technique, let’s talk about the concept of “Right Timing” , which is an important tip , this rule is especially important for the popular search engine Google. The process by which a published content gets hits is very important. Also, wait for the content you publish to come to the fore, while it will rise to the top in a short time with social media support, it will help you get organic hits because it is on the agenda, and the quality hits received will ensure your ranking is permanent.

The Effect of Social Media Sites on SEO and Rankings

If we share by targeting only these words in the description, it will not be descriptive and will not attract the attention of the users. We recommend that you choose the Greece Whatsapp Number Data word carefully. Let’s find a new alternative based on the example. It will both enable us to attract the attention of users and create an alternative target audience for our content. Description is the most important factor in Facebook posts. Google will choose this description as the title when indexing.

How to share SEO-oriented posts on Facebook?

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So, if the word we want to promote is “Women’s Perfumes”, sharing it on a page. About perfumes will contribute more to us and you will also get targeted traffic. If you have a page on your site, but you do not think it will reach enough people. You can use the “Feature the post” option to reach more people and get Lebanon Phone Number List more indexes. Without the exact keywords, Google would have ranked us first by saying the real information is there. You can examine more examples by examining the Facebook pages of popular websites, the words used and the rankings made by Google.