How to do visitor-friendly SEO?

In our previous article titled ” We may experience a roller coaster effect “, we said that we expected these rises and falls. With Google’s new generation algorithm updates, it has become normal for us to see ranking changes several times a day. It would be difficult to say that these rises and falls are solely due to backlink spam changes and Google’s new mobile How to do guidelines. In fact, even if Google still seems to care about the quality of your off-site links, after a while it may not check whether your off-site links are spam or not, and may even stop this being an evaluation criterion. We mentioned in our previous articles that achieving success in SEO requires hard work and being up-to-date. There is now a new factor as important as social media efforts, backlink spam and content quality. Visitor friendly SEO . As SEO Chief, we always follow the agenda, follow your important news and updates, and continue to share with you the issues we deem important.

How should visitor-friendly SEO be done?

There are countless things we can do regarding SEO when creating a web design architecture. While keeping everything simple, it is equally important that we keep the visitors to our page. When you enter a website, the UK WhatsApp Number Data time you spend on that site without getting bored is an analysis of whether that site meets your needs. Sites that meet your needs or have different topics that interest you are gaining value. The topic we will cover today is the importance of content links for SEO . When you create new content, visitors who finish reading this content return to the home page or blog home page . Visitors do not or do not know how to search on-site unless it is very important. As a general habit, they will prefer to go back to Google and similar search engines and search.

If you suggest similar topics using various plugins or with sub-topic page suggestions

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Even if what they do is generally correct, if there is no similarity in the content in the directed topic, the visitor will exit quickly. By the way, I guess I dragged the Singapore WhatsApp Number List topic unnecessarily while thinking about the keywords. Don’t make mistakes like this. In the table below you see the previous SEO application system. When you read a topic within the category, it directs you to the main topic and you read similar articles just like reading a book. According to statistics, topic content created in this way allows you to keep your visitors on your site several times longer than previous system SEO techniques. Search engines care about bounce rates from your site. Quality content, good returns and long session times are beneficial for SEO. We will continue to write articles that we think will be good on topics related to on-page and visitor-friendly SEO.

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