How to Clean Spam Backlinks?

One of the three most important processes that determine the ranking of a website is backlink links. It is essential that your links are organic in order to maintain your place in the top rankings. If you haven’t heard of or used Google’s link disavow tool yet, you might be in a bit of trouble. In our previous news that Google Penguin 4.0 is on the way, we mentioned that the new penguin algorithm will work in real time. Google is taking stricter measures on this issue and we are receiving messages asking for solution suggestions. Google actually has a tool to help you with this. Disavowing Links reject google links You may have increased your number of backlinks every month by purchasing thousands of backlinks because you find them useful in terms of SEO. First of all, let’s get this straight. Not every backlink is spam.

What is on-site spam?

Even if the Pagerank is high, if the same comment page of a website that does not have a nofollow configuration in external link outputs is linked to the same comment page very frequently and your site Australia WhatsApp Number List link is among these links. The annoying chat style we call ” flood” , which is the repetition of the same message , is similar to spam. This is why forum sites are so strict about repeating topics. Because repeated topics will cause forum sites to lose visibility in search engines. Therefore, do not be angry with the warnings on the forum sites you are a member of : “Do not open a topic without searching the forum” .

How to Detect Spam Links?

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What is Off-Site Spam? Even if the PR value is high, you constantly repeat the same topic with the same link on a different site. For example, you published the same topic 5 times on the same social media platform, Facebook, etc., changing its name. This is off-site spam. Topics entered with irrelevant keywords, sites marked by Google, sharing the UK WhatsApp Number List same topics on thousands of small sites that do not get any hits, etc. are many examples of spam. For any remaining spam URLs, turn on the Google Link Disavow Tool. reject google links Click on the reject connections button. seo link rejection 2 Let’s say Reject connections on the page that opens.

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