The problems of mobile marketing to connect with users one of the biggest challenges of digital. Advertising is to attract the attention of users without being intrusive. Ad blockers have experienced a boom in recent years for a very clear reason. Users are tired of seeing ads that do not add value and make browsing difficult. And when we talk about mobile marketing, this risk is multiplied. Advertising on mobile devices is particularly frowned upon by users for two reasons. The screens are smaller . In mobile content, visibility is key, since there is a very small space. Therefore, a single ad is enough to completely ruin the experience. In fact, 69% of users complain that mobile ads cover up the content they want to see.

The problems of mobile marketing to connect with users

Mobile is perceived as a more personal UK Business Fax List experience. Mobile phones are with us most of the day, and we perceive them as a vital point of contact with the people we care about. We make more personal use of mobile phones than of computers, with which we get worse when brands intrude on our experience. And for this reason, up to 71% of mobile users consider that half of the ads interrupt their experience. Another risk of mobile marketing is that the ads simply go unnoticed . Our attention is selective and it is relatively easy for us to learn to ignore what does not interest us, so it is possible for an ad to be displayed on users’ mobile phones without leaving any impact… And that is if they have not directly blocked it.

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How to improve engagement in mobile marketing

And finally, in mobile marketing we also have to My Numbers List deal with “Fat fingers syndrome”: the small size of the screens causes up to 60% of clicks to occur by mistake . This fact not only distorts the statistics and makes them less reliable but, in pay-per-click systems, it can mean a significant additional cost without providing results. How to improve engagement in mobile marketing we are clear about the problem but what is the solution? A recent study by celtra and on device research set out to find out by analyzing user behavior in the face of mobile ads. The first takeaway is that mobile ads that work really work .