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Published an official statement announcing the start of an investigation against , the US organization that developed and manages the software. The reasons for following the Chat GPT blocking The Italian Authority for the Protection of Personal Data has announced the start of an investigation against . The provision is due to an alleged illicit data collection of Italian users. According to what on the on Monday 20 March Chat GPT suffered a data breach , i.e. a loss of user data.

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The Italian Privacy Guarantor has declare Poland Telegram Data that  20 days the measures taken to respond promptly to what is request. If this does not happen, the US organization will have to pay a fine of 20 million euros or up to 4% of its annual global turnover. pending a decision from OpenAI, the Guarantor has ordered the temporary limitation of the processing of Italian users’ data by the organization. The limits of artificial intelligence In the past we have already had the opportunity to talk about the limits of artificial intelligence and more generally of tools such as Chat GPT. 

Telegram Number Data

The Italian Privacy Guarantor

The information leak showed the history of Canada Telegram Number conversations users had with the well-known chatbot, as well as making public the payment methods of Chat GPT Plus, a paid service that offers a series of additional features.  suffered by Chat GPT, the Privacy Guarantor started an investigation against OpenAI regarding the absence of an information note informing users of data collection during use of the chatbot. Furthermore, the Authority has communicated that although the service is aimed at people over 13 years of age, it does not have any age verification filter , risking exposing minors to responses and content that are unsuitable for their level of awareness. 



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