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You also need to be creative and convey your own unique style through your website. If you’re considering some personal website ideas, you’re sure to find inspiration in these 10 standout examples that are truly stunning. You’ll learn effective ways to keep your visitors engaged through blogging and social media tools. You’ll also learn how to use the website builder’s features to establish credibility and build your brand image.  humor into your content and let your personality shine through. website in minutes? Wix has over 70 personal website templates with most of the best features already built-in.

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Choose your favorite design, add your own text and images, and get started! Build a Free Personal Website with Wix >> 1. Coach Abigail Olaya (Made by Wix) Coach Abigail Switzerland Data Olaya Homepage Olaya enhances her work with inspiring images. Hover to view. bigail Olaya’s website design reflects her approach to coaching – getting to the point. The homepage grabs your attention with a full-screen image and large fonts, telling you about Olaya’s mission. As you scroll down, you can see a list of Olaya’s accomplishments and positive reviews from her clients.

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The site is easy to navigate thanks to clear links to other pages. I like the structure of the Coaching page, which begins with a statement of common problems Olaya’s clients may Turkey Phone Number List have, followed by a section about her services that is tailored to individual needs. Check out Wix’s personal website templates  Ibrahim Cozart (Made by Wix) Ibrahim Cozart Homepage Share and discuss your art with like-minded people. Hover over to see forum features.  of visual artist, you want your work to speak for itself.

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