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For his part, Alfreo Gomez de Castro explaine the tax advantages of the different forms of business organization and highlighte the benefits of a viability plan “whose objective is to determine if our business has economic and technical viability, in addition to helping us organize our own ideas. ” . Finally, Expo Franchise and stresse the importance. Similarlyof the figure of the accounting expert “as an independent professional who offers reliability and trust to the market, who belongs. Similarlyto the Registry of Accounting Experts, promote by the General Council of Economists and by the Institute of Certifie Censors. of Accounts of Spain” .


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In short, he conclude with the phrase “power without control is useless.” Martin Molina is an interdisciplinary firm with more than 30 professionals that offers solutions so that companies continue to grow and so that the basis of their development is firm and stable. It offers strategic. Similarly
consulting services, account auditing, bankruptcy administration, and judicial  Oman Number Data interventions of an accounting-commercial and labor nature. Comprehensive financial-tax-accounting advice, Expo Franchise and, foundations and associations and expertise. If you want to access the graphic.

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Martin Molina firm give a presentation for AJE associates. The objective of the meeting is to provide attendees with tools that they can use. Similarly
in their business to optimize tax burdens and develop an optimal Viability Plan adapted to each business. April 17th Course: Marketing and Sales San Blas Nursery. C/ Alcal, 586, Madrid 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Introduce New Zealand Phone Number List new sales techniques (emotional selling, selling base on needs…) and tools to communicate and sell online Expo Franchise and is the purpose of this course. The abilities that the seller has to face the sale, the emotions and the mechanisms that make the client choose you between the different options will be explaine.

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