We will cover the effects of responsive design on SEO in today’s lesson. Responsive design means that the sections within the site and the site appear compatible on different devices, mobile and tablet. Google has released multiple mobile updates and mobile update algorithms throughout the year. Unfortunately, responsive design has both good and bad sides. On responsive designed sites, content on desktop devices is transferred to mobile. Some mobile users will have to wait when they click on your content, as the internet speed of some mobile users is not very good. In order to get rid of such situations and find solutions, what you actually need to do is mobile optimization. First of all, you need to test whether your site is mobile compatible. For this process, you can analyze your site from Google mobile compatibility.

What are the effects of Responsive Design on SEO?

When the visitor connects from Japan WhatsApp Number Data his mobile device and searches for a content that the search engine wants to search for and sees your site. If your site has many javascript files and it opens extremely slowly from mobile, I can recommend you to use subdomain for such problems. The reason why I recommend using subdomain is Matt CUTS’s explanations about responsiveness.

Will give a better appearance for mobile users

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You will see that the site opening speed on mobile increases. Another issue that needs to be addressed is to move away from full-screen ads after making it mobile compatible. Again, by making Singapore Phone Number List mobile quality updates , Google gives penalties to sites that offer full screen and deceptive advertisements, redirect to different content and with different link redirection services. If you do not have a mobile-friendly theme, visitors will leave your site at the same time. I recommend that companies using special software or mobile-incompatible sites switch to mobile-compatible themes as soon as possible. I can say that it is now possible to observe that mobile searches will be more in 2016 than in other years and will almost completely turn into mobile traffic in the next 5 years. You should keep up with the developing technology and offer good impressions to your visitors with fast mobile themes.