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You can adjust this during your campaign to maximize your return on investment. (read our blog ‘7 ways to boost your google ads’ to get optimization tips.) set your daily budget base on your monthly budget. If you’re a beginner. Start with $10 to $50 as your daily budget and keep checking back to update your budget base on your campaign performance. Set the maximum bid at something you’re comfortable with in the beginning. As your campaign goes on. You will be able to eit this base on performance. Don’t be stingy with.

The nerve center of your google shopping

Google merchant center and google ads. Unlike setting up a standard paid search strategy with campaigns. Ad groups and ads. The nerve center of your google latest database shopping campaigns will be in the google merchant center. Google merchant center is a tool that helps you upload your store and product data to google to make it available for shopping ads and other google services. As you’ve seen in the examples above. Shopping ads don’t display any copy or call to action — instead. They display the information a retailer has entere into their merchant center. If you don’t already have one.

From where you can navigate to your business information

You’ll nee to set up a merchants center account. How to set up your google merchants account the first thing you have to do to be able to run a shopping campaign My Numbers List is to create a merchant center account. You can do this in a few easy steps: go to the merchant center and click ‘sign up’. If you’re not logge into any google account. You will first be aske to do so (or to create one) enter information about your business (country it’s base in. Name and website) accept terms & conditions enter your website if you have one. Then verify and claim it finishing the registration will take you to the google merchant center dashboard. From where you can navigate to your business information. Your products. Don’t be stingy with.

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