Since the news of Thomas Coock’s bankruptcy , many ideas have come to mind and that is why I decided to write this post (on a Friday!!!) of reflections, relating the fall of the tour operator. Do you want Thomas Cook and freelancers or entrepreneurs. I think that if you have a personal project these reflections will be useful to you. By the way, yesterday I gave a talk, together with Andrés Pérez Ortega, at a new Networking event created by Zaragoza Activa called #FaceToFace, and I have to say that the type of events like yesterday’s look very good to achieve that people connect with each other, since normally in traditional.

Events what you see

Are speakers giving their talks finishing the event and 30m for networking , that is, those who attend and pay the entrance barely executive email list have time to show themselves or try to find out what other people present ( which for me would be a plus for those who attend these types of events ). This idea that they are going to bring you value in 20m of talk is already very obsolete. No one is going to help you build your business or encourage you to work on your brand in 20m. For me, the objective of these events would be to give you insights into things that may be useful to you (if you don’t know them), to encourage you to connect with other professionals and to encourage you to see other solutions to your possible problems or needs . But this is a topic for another post.

Do you want to talk

About something that I have been observing for some time and that. I see professionals protesting because they have been in the sector for years and now. Things are no longer going as they used to. And when faced with this problem, instead of looking for a solution. What I see are complaints against what others do or against. The environment and the ways in which others achieve their results. Well, this topic interests me a lot because I have always been in love My Numbers List with the tourism sector and that is why I graduated in Tourism Management and the other day when I saw the bankruptcy of this tourism giant, I began to read the reasons…some of them very clear. and that it was coming.