Do you already use any tools

 Do you already use any tools of this type? If you don’t use it, do you think it could be useful in your daily work? Write to us, we are curious to know what you think and if we can help you make the most of it.How to do lead generation with facebook? The advantages and tools for lead generation with facebook, explained step by step. If it is true that the virtual world we like most is that of instagram, with all its images and videos, it is also true that a social network like facebook always has something to say.

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 And to offer, especially when it comes to business . Although many people have migrated to instagram in recent years, facebook still remains a widely used platform and, in many cases, it also proves to be the most suitable choice for marketing. An example? Facebook is a very valuable tool for lead generation. Lead generation: what is it and how to do it? Lead generation is a marketing action that allows you to collect contacts from possible customers interested in your company’s products.

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 On facebook you are not obliged to organize photos according to precise rules, because you don’t communicate only with them. Indeed, you can express yourself through videos, gifs, links, posts and various information; Facebook allows you to My Number List spark important discussions, personal or public; If on instagram the main element is disruptive competition, facebook has remained a social network  within human reach . The communicative exchange between people is still the most important data; Facebook already has most of the data you need.

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