Digital Research Team, hacker

Hosted on the websites of different Spanish institutions such as the Ministries of Justice , Finance and Foreign Affairs , several autonomous organizations, the Traffic Directorate, and a dozen Spanish universities. And then the question is, what is all this GDPR stuff for? What does it protect us from? Digital Research Team says that its cyberattacks only aim to “report vulnerabilities in websites to more effectively secure and protect” said pages. True or false? But what happens to my stolen data? Who allows this group that functions as a visible company to do this? If an organization, entity, company.

The good or ethical hacker.

Whatever it is, does not directly contract this service, how should we rate it? Good or bad hackers? Should we worry? We do not know how many Spanish citizens may be affected by this theft of sensitive information or, in other words, protected data. Nor, if, as the Ministry of Justice assures, there is nothing to worry about because this hack is from the ligth , since ” they have only accessed public data belonging to notary  Singapore Number Data competitions from the years 2007 and 2009 and therefore prior to entry in force of the GDPR ”. Not even if they really have in their possession the DNI number of Albert Rivera , that of his party’s spokesperson.

Wappens to my stolen data

Parliament of Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa , or that of the Minister of Development José Luis Ábalos , as this group of ‘hackers’ claims… What should worry us most is what they are going to do with the IDs of the García, Rodríguez, Martínez, Sánchez and others, that they have been able to steal. Digital Research Team, a group of hackers with good intentions or the  Singapore Phone Number List black hats of Nottingham University? If they are good hackers, will they return the data and permanently delete it from wherever they installed it? What guarantees do we have that this will happen? And who guarantees it? Should we worry? Last year, Spain suffered .

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