Corporate measures in the state of alarm

Next, we review which are the extraordinary corporate measures applicable to legal entities governed by private law , among which include those included in section Thirteen, of Royal Decree-Law , which has modified article 40 of Royal Decree -Law 8/2020, of March 17 , on extraordinary urgent measures to address the economic and social impact of COVID-19. A) Meetings and agreements of the governing and administrative bodies of commercial and civil companies, associations, cooperative societies and foundations : The governing and administrative bodies of commercial and civil companies, associations, foundations and cooperatives.

Annual accounts and proposed application of the results

As well as the rest of the delegate and mandatory commissions, may be carri out by videoconference or by multiple telephone conference , provided that all members of the administrative body or representation, or all the partners or associates or people who represent them, have the necessary Brazil Phone Number Data means to do so , the secretary of the body recognizes their identity , and expresses it in the minutes . The session will be deem to have been held at the register office, and the Secretary must immediately send the minutes to the email addresses of each of the attendees. Agreements may be conclude by written vote without a session, whenever the president decides or when requested by two members of the body.

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Suspension of statutory deadlines derived from a legal cause for dissolution

By application of article 100 of the Regulations of the Commercial Registry. Applicable in this case, also, to the governing councils of cooperative societies and boards of foundations. It will be necessary that no member of the corresponding body has opposed this form of adoption of the agreements. The notary who is require to attend a General Meeting of partners Belgium Phone Number List and draw up minutes of the meeting may use remote means of communication in real time that adequately guarantee compliance with the notarial function. In the event that a general meeting has been call prior to the declaration of the state of alarm and is later, the administrative body may revoke the call or change the date.

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