Company Pension Plans are

These days when our beaches are full of people wanting to enjoy a well-deserve vacation, I think it is interesting to focus on an important aspect in order to have a large enough income on the day we retire to be able to maintain a standard of living. satisfactory for years Without going any further, a piece of news appeare in the press these days that referre to the possibility that life expectancy in a few years will be more than one hundre years , so if we keep the retirement age at 67 years, we will have to live no less than 33 years on public pensions and our private assets And if there are two star products in our country in order to have extra.

Company Pension Plans remains

Income after retirement, they are property rentals and Pension Plan benefits. As for the latter, I know as many people in favor as there are detractors, and if I may say, from my point of view, they are more than necessary. Human beings tend to underestimate long-term risks and Spain, in a decade, will unfortunately see how the population pyramid imposes Oman Number Data its law, hence some limits on public pensions are already legislate. such as the Equity Factor. intergenerational and the annual revaluation factor But given that the media is fortunately making us more aware of it, with greater dissemination of the problem.

This will reduce the differences

I am going to focus on an aspect that is no less important, which is analyzing the evolution of the returns of the Pension Plans. In Spain, and according to Inverco data, there is an equity in rights consolidate in Pension Plans of 110,372 million euros (2nd Semester 2018), of which, almost 70% are manage between six entities: Caixa, BBVA, Santander , Mapfre, Bankia and Ibercaja If we analyze the average Canada Phone Number List annual returns of individual Pension Plans compare to those promote by Companies , in the last 25 years we find that the former reach 3.66% compared to 4.90% of those carried out by the company.

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