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This traffic will most likely be qualified, as they are interested in what the  and can be transformed into a group of new customers . Every new article published is a new opportunity to rank on Google for keywords relevant to your business. Imagine being involved in the production of various types of agricultural machinery and being in the top positions for keywords such as “vegetable cutting machine” or “vegetable harvesting machine”. You will have a lot of visibility and will be able to increase sales ! Don’t invest in your company blog only when things are going badly Sometimes you may think that having a company blog is superfluous , especially when business is going well . There is no need to expand the customer portfolio, so why invest? Nothing could be more wrong.

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It is precisely when things seem to be going India WhatsApp Number Data  well that you need to sponsor your business and implement all the precautions to be visible on the web and on social media . Authority in the digital world is not acquir overnight, but takes time . Waiting for a downturn in business to invest will mean finding yourself without resources at the time of greatest need. It is therefore good to prepare the ground in advance, so as to never have to find ourselves in difficulty because some customers have left us and in the rush to look for new ones. The importance of updating the company blog Having a company blog, however, is not enough, you need to take care of it and update it frequently if you want to get results . This is primarily because Google, when dealing.

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With the indexing and ranking of content, India WhatsApp Number List evaluates the so-called ” freshness factor “, i.e. the date of publication or last update. As a general rule, newer content should contain more up-to-date information and therefore be reward by the search engine. For this reason, a company cannot rely only on articles publish years ago, but must produce new material and update what has already been publish in the past. If in the past the company has achieved the top positions with difficulty, it is a real shame to lose ground just because it underestimates the importance of maintaining the blog.

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