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Spain there is a population affiliate with Social Security with the Work Accident Contingency (AT) of about 14.5 million people, while the number of work accidents with sick leave is just over 560,000 per year, of which which almost 14% occurs “in itinere” (that is, while traveling to or from work) As for the sectors in which the number of accidents is most pronounce. it is the construction sector , followe by the industrial sector , with the accident rate being more or less constant by age from 25 to 60 years. But if the accident rate is more or less constant in that age period , the problem arises because the mortality rate skyrockets .

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After the age of 40, from 5.1% to 12.2% mortality at the age of 60, being the “Production, transformation, treatment and storage” sectors where a third of work accidents are concentrate. Having made this brief review of work accidents in Spain, we want to analyze a recent ruling from the Supreme Court , chamber 1, of April 25, 2017, which we believe is necessary to analyze. The fact is that a company worker was  Denmark Number Data grante total permanent disability for his usual profession as a result of a work accident due to an occupational health and safety violation. He filed a lawsuit against the company for which he regularly provided .

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Services and the civil liability insurance entities that covere said risk. After rulings in favor of the worker in the first instance and in the TSJ, which require joint compensation between the company and the insurer, it was the Supreme Court via cassation, which rule in favor of the Insurer when resolving the issue arguing that the communication of the  China Phone Number List  incident should have been carrie out within the period set out in the clause, absolving the insurer of the duty to indemnify We draw the following conclusions from this ruling to be applie in SMEs and by those self-employe with workers on their own .

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