We often forget what the real showcase is today: Google! It is the search engine that is queried by the Purchasing Offices in search of new suppliers and it is always it that ensures that we are always reachable and visible, 365 days a year. Positioning yourself on Google may seem like a long and uphill road, and in fact it is, but with the right communication agency Do you want to find out if we can be the right agency for you? Fill out the form below and arrange a no-obligation interview .

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Its distribution by country and other important Iran Telegram Data aspects for strategic purposes; Backlink gap : let’s find out which domains refer to competitors via backlinks (external links that point to a specific website). If our client does not receive links from the same sites, it means that there is a gap that can be fill. We can therefore decide to in turn request incoming links from the authoritative sites in question, on behalf of our client; Advertising spending : in some cases it is  have active Google Ads campaigns that influence their positioning.

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This is useful for understanding their Japan Telegram Number fluctuations over time and, through the study of texts and keywords chosen by them, which strategy they are pursuing. This work is not aimed at uncritically copying the competition, but rather serves to obtain ideas and ideas to implement in order to always do better. The basic idea is to understand which paths the competitors are taking and then take our own path, the result of the studies carried out. Only in this way can we become more competitive on the target keywords! In short, we need to roll up our sleeves and start working .