Cloudflare Installation and Usage

Cloudflare is a DNS server service that offers safer and faster access to many sites with its free and paid versions. We recommend that you use Cloudflare. A server that works smoothly Cloudflare Installation for about 50 online visitors can help. Cloudflare Setup First of all, create a membership by entering the official website you will only need to accept the user agreement by entering your e-mail and password. The email address you provide must be an active address that you use. In the future, in case of password loss, you can recover your account with just your e-mail address. cloudflare After you log in, it will ask you to add a site as the first step. You can add more than one site to the system from the ” add site ” field at the top . Cloudflare installation illustrated explanation After entering your site address.

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It identifies your site to Cloudflare by performing a general scan and your site information. Cloudflare (2) When the current Dns scan is done successfully, the image above will appear. If you get an Hong Kong Phone Number Data error, you need to scan again. You can proceed to the next process by pressing the Continue button. There are 4 different account types: Free, pro website, Business website, Enterprise website . We recommend that first-time users start with the Free package. Cloudflare (2) The fourth and most important part is that you need to make the new NS settings that Cloudflare gives you at the domain address you use to fully define your site, as in the picture . After making the settings, you complete the installation by pressing the continue button.

How to Use Cloudflare

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It takes 1-2 hours to add new settings to your site . Cloudflare offers features that will help you both speed up your server and solve security problems. In addition, there are paid and free plugins Cloudflare (2) When the current Dns scan is done successfully, the image above will appear. that China Phone Number List you can install. The purpose of this is to prevent attacks such as DDOS and Botnet against your site more easily and prevent the attacks from directly reducing server performance. Analytics It is one of the systems that analyzes site traffic in the best way.

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