When you decide to appear on the Internet with your website, the domain name you choose will directly affect your ranking in search results. Since you naturally cannot find an old domain name for your company, you need to start by purchasing a new domain. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a domain? When choosing brand domains, if you are going to sell only to a region or province, you can purchase a domain by using a keyword starting with the province or region. However, if you want to emphasize your brand name and plan to sell only throughout Turkey, it would be better to choose com.tr location domains. As the name suggests, we can call them project-titled domain names.

Domain Name by Project

For example, if a blog is to be opened, the domains are purchased with the purpose of establishing the blog, that is, its first keyword. SeoBlog can be an example explanation for this. In such New Zealand Whatsapp Number Data projects, you can choose domains that are old and match your content. The thing to pay attention to in aged domains is that the domain history is clean and you need to make sure that it is not a domain with a Google penalty. You should also remember that there is not much difference between a 6-month-old domain and a year-old domain. If you cannot find an old domain for your project, it would be better to buy a new domain. Let’s look at Matt Cutts’ statement about the old domain and new domains; Choosing a domain for SEO purposes clearly means choosing a domain that suits your project.

Things to consider when choosing the best domain name for SEO purposes

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Do not forget to buy the tr domain. SEO compatible domain also means a domain type that has been registered for a long time. When purchasing a domain, purchasing it for at least 5 years will prove to UK Phone Number List search engines such as Google that it will be a long-term project. After purchasing a domain, Google will want to see who owns a domain. For this process, domain whois information must be open. Hidden domain whois information may raise suspicion for search engines. We can say that starting with old domains is effective, although only slightly. The presence of keywords in the domain also has a small impact on search results. Choosing an exact matching domain can have positive effects.