Most of the questions are about backlinks. We will try to find answers to your questions. Backlink means a link that returns. It is a type of link directed to your site from a different site. We can divide backlinks into two: useful and harmful backlinks. Until a few years ago, the ranking results (SERP) of websites were mainly based on backlinks. Programmers who understood Google’s system began to automatically create comment backlinks and profile backlinks with ready-made programs and scripts. Until recently, the word SEO was thought to mean the same thing as backlinks on the Internet. Since artificial SEO studies carried out with ready-made systems create unfair competition environments, Google has made its algorithms stronger day by day in order to find a solution to this situation. In order to prevent spam activities, it has been publishing training documents for webmasters and IT specialists since 2013. backlink You should remember that every backlink is a pawn of your site. SEO studies have turned into mind games or a chess tournament.

What are the types of Backlinks? How to Do Correct Backlink Work?

What we want to say here is that backlink work for newly opened sites that are not timely and have high rates is harmful. Backlink work is not completely harmful. Backlinks are like a pearl necklace Qatar Whatsapp Number Data that a woman wears around her neck. The rings complement each other and a perfect design emerges. Frankly, it’s time to go to market. When these processes begin, two types of users emerge. First users tend to buy ready-made and easy backlinks with the logic of letting their friends see us in the market . The second user is like a turtle and proceeds slowly and logically. It builds the backlink structure manually. We will examine these link structures below. Harmful Backlink Studies.

A Backlink Study with Examples

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Other site owners who find the articles you publish valuable start publishing your articles on their own sites and link to your content by citing the source. In this way, you will create natural backlink work. To give a different example, users who copy your content and images in your content Brazil WhatsApp Number List or even publish them verbatim will unknowingly gain you natural backlinks. When you drag a photo and drop it into the Google Images search bar, you will see that it shows the site that used the image and text. Google also detects content theft with different algorithms. To explain it more comprehensively; For example, let’s say we are a computer and hardware marketer. If you want to promote a promotional PC on your site. First of all, you should provide extensive information about the PC, and while presenting this information, a link such as “You can buy this PC from here” will not cause any problems or if you want to do an activity about the PC and hardware.