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Backlink query tools are very effective for you and your site. There are useful sites that provide reporting of link structures directed to your site or created by you. With the external link inquiry tools I will offer you, you can scan your site from start to finish and analyze your useful or harmful links. Backlink Inquiry Tools I will recommend 3 channels to analyze your external links, they offer premium and free services . Link analysis is a mandatory algorithm when doing SEO work. If there is a link directed to your site from a spam site without your knowledge, it will cause you to fall in the rankings. With the release of Penguin 4 updates, Google will begin to apply instant penalties and penalties for harmful external links.

Ahrefs SEO Tools Backlink Analysis

You can only run the Ahrefs backlink query once without becoming a member, but you do not pay for the first 14 days after purchasing, and you can use it in the months after that. Ahrefs is a backlink Italyl Whatsapp Number Data query tool that provides you with detailed reports. Most website owners use this system to clean their sites from spam links. Not only site owners but also people selling link packages can make detailed reports using Ahrefs. Exalead Exlead is a large-scale search engine.

Exalead Backlink Analysis

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You can search for free links on this site. You can search whether there is a spam link attack on your site or not in the Exalead search engine as link: siteaddress and see your imported or naturally developed external links. Again, since progress in SEO depends on analyzing your competitors, it will be possible for you to see the link Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List work of your competitors. After learning the backlinks of rival sites, you can measure and measure them and build your own backlink network more robustly and more effectively than the rival site’s. In fact, it is necessary to move forward by ensuring the natural development of your links. A site that is not built on the basis of naturalness is always damaged even by mini fluctuations. You should think like you are building a building. The stronger the foundation, the more effective it will be in resisting shocks. You should try natural backlink building . Think of thousands of rings interlocked together. If only one of them is rotten, the whole ring will fall apart. You should value your site with strong links.

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