B2B purchasing process takes

Company isn’t always easy. Identifying the reference market, the right target to address and understanding which type of communication is most appropriate is essential before starting a content marketing activity on any platform. Once these elements have been defined, we can begin to think about the editorial plan , that is, a calendar that schedules the contents that will be released day by day, week by week. Why invest in B 2B digital marketing ? According to the survey carried out by market research company . B2B buyers (purchasers, product managers, business developers) read at least  pieces of online content before making a purchasing decision.

The main source of content is

According to the report, the B2B purchasing Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data process takes an average of two to six weeks and involves 3-4 internal decision makers. The main source of content is the supplier’s website, followed by search and social media. According to what reported by Gitnux, 69% of those involved in B2B marketing have a content strategy. The 3 objectives most cited by those involved in B2B marketing in the last year are: brand awareness (86%), educate the audience (79%), build credibility (75%). 5 Content Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies Identifying what to share and what not is certainly not easy. An editorial plan that works is the result of an effective editorial strategy.

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Content is right for all businesses

Not all content is right for all businesses. Furthermore Cambodia WhatsApp Number List consistency in publishing is a fundamental element for obtaining results. You have to get users used to your publications and above all make your contents recognizable, adhering to a homogeneous identity. So what are these ideas for? These are food for thought which as such must then be adapted to specific cases. Having made this necessary premise, let’s proceed with our suggestions for the contents of a B2B company. 1. The background to your work A new machine arrives, a new partnership, are you hiring new people? Tell it! Don’t just say you did it but talk about the entire process. 2. The history of your company How was it born.

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