AUTOCONTROL welcomes the signing of the European declaration for effective

The declaration is articulated around five principles , which reaffirm and expand the collective commitments of its members, in order to reinforce the development of effective and independent advertising self-regulation in all European markets , in accordance with the principles set out in the Charter of EASA; and ultimately, achieve responsible advertising, for the benefit of all interested parties, including industry and Administration, and society.

The signatories of this declaration undertake to

To ensure compliance with the category email list aforementioned commitments. EASA will serve as a forum and meeting point where its members can share ideas. Develop solutions and collaborate with relevant stakeholders at all times. During the presentation of the Madrid declaration. The Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Gaming. Rafael Escudero highlighted that there has always been the collaboration of AUTOCONTROL. Highlighting the work carried out jointly with AUTOCONTROL in advertising gambling. Food and beverages with high in salt. Fat and sugar content aimed at children. And he added that the public powers recognize this work. Always ask for more effort to protect vulnerable people; concluding that they feel satisfied with the work carried out by advertising self-regulation.

The public powers recognize this work

For her part, Charo Fernando My Numbers List Magarzo , President of EASA and Deputy Director General of AUTOCONTROL. Stated that: «For the 30th anniversary. We did not want to limit ourselves to celebrating our past achievements. But to look critically and ambitiously towards the future. Laying the foundations so that next year advertising self-regulation continues to be relevant and useful. For the industry, for citizens and for society in general. » In the words of Charo Fernando. we are committed to a more active role for EASA and European self-regulation systems so that advertising contributes to promoting positive social values. Such as environmental sustainability. Inclusion, diversity, etc. And thus respond to the challenges we face as a society.”

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