As human beings

Therefore, knowing what we are passionate about should be a priority. So the first step is to know what you like. Doing what you love is the first step to success, a success, we could say, happy. And the money? You already know that study from Princeton University. Happiness increases parallel   to the level of income up to 55,000 euros per year. Beyond that figure, increases in income do not correspond to increases in happiness. Do you know why? Because from that brand one must work.

Pedro Martin

Digitalization of the world market has been one of the phenomena of the 21st century that has had the most direct consequences on the buying and selling methods use by companies and users. The progressive implementation of the digitalization of the mortgage market, the so-calle “digital mortgages”, has become a reality . It is really about creating a new design in loan operations for the purchase of a home. The aim is to transform one of the most traditional financial operations  Taiwan Number Data between the bank and the citizen and which generates a lot of tension and wear and tear between the client and their banking entity since it requires time, procedures.

Digital mortgages arrive

Reduce deadlines Although they are still in an incipient adoption phase, the signing of the first digital mortgages represents the first step in the technological transformation of banking operations in which the relational component and physical interaction have, until now, been essential. In no case is it an immediate online credit. By processing the mortgage digitally, we want to simplify the difficulty and time of the mortgage Taiwan Phone Number List constitution process and reduce the credit granting period by half, leaving it at 3 or 4 weeks. Personalization The personalization of this mortgage product for each client stands out, which means that you must provide all the necessary information.

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