And to offer especially when it comes to business . Although many people have migrated to instagram in recent years, facebook still remains a widely used platform and, in many cases, it also proves to be the most suitable choice for marketing. An example? Facebook is a very valuable tool for lead generation. Lead generation: what is it and how to do it? Lead generation is a marketing action that allows you to collect contacts from possible customers interested in your company’s products

It is in short


It is in short, a data collection marketing strategy. First you need to make sure you attract users to your facebook page. As? Through specific tools with which users can leave their data in exchange for something . Be careful, this data is donated spontaneously by people and through this country email list mechanism all you do is decipher it and store it for use when you need to start a marketing campaign. One way you can obtain the data of a potential buyer is the lead magnet . Download the marketing funnel guide Image Image What is lead magne.

The lead magnet

The lead magnet can be an ebook, a pdf, a downloadable video or any other valuable content , downloadable for free in exchange for the user’s data. The user is then asked to leave some data (usually name, email And telephone number through a contact form, in exchange for the downloadable content. Another example of a lead magnet is subscribing to the My Number List site’s newsletter , whereby emails with interesting content for the user are periodically sent in exchange for their email. But you could also use questionnaires or surveys . Before creating the lead magnet that’s