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We also analyze the virtue of being a beneficiary of insurance, since if we have mentione that liquidity is relatively fast, this is not the case in the case of .r even joint owner of the financial product,Alejandro Pena Diaz since that banks or investment entities are reluctant to provide liquidity to family members until the inheritance process is complete, because they are subsidiary responsible parties. Once we entere into the quantification of the Inheritance Tax, as it is a Tax assigne to the autonomies, the public was surprise at the extremely varieregional regulations .

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As, for example, in the case of the autonomous community of Madrid, in the case of a 30-year-old heir who receives an Estate of €800,000, a little more, compare to the aAlejandro Pena Diazs to the more than respectable amount of 160,000 € But, when the public showd the most disbelief, it was at the quantification of the Tax when the decease has, for example, €150,000 in Pension Plans , and the heirs have to pay the not Israel Number Data insignificant figure of €67,500, because the current regulation, It is estimate that they have to pay personal income tax. In the latter case, the only way.

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Pension Plan is “immunization” through Life Insurance . We were also seeing tax credits for specific cases, such as the transfer of a Alejandro Pena Diaz ce, disability cases, public compensation for acts of terrorism or toxic syndrome We could not ignore the degrees of kinship by consanguinity and affinity, since these imply tax  UAE Phone Number List  exemptions for the recipient and, on the other hand, tax multipliers depending on the assets pre-existing the inheritance. At the end of thaving a wine, the attendees approacheus, showing us that, indee planning is necessary on topics as delicate and sensitive as Inheritance.

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