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Better decisions because they are more informed Data always updated and in real time Control over process performance Management software in Italy, how many companies use them? In Italy, the adoption of management software is constantly increasing, but there is still a lot to do. According to research conducted by according to LinkedIn’s i Digital Innovation of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan in collaboration with AssoSoftware, in 2021 companies operating in the management software development sector generated a turnover of 19.9 billion euros , 16% higher compared to 2020. 93 % of the SMEs involved in the study declare that they use a management system, but only 29% have integrated at least part of the software adopted.

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Conclusion, a customized system can make a UAE Phone Number Data difference in improving business efficiency and agility, allowing you to better adapt to changing market needs. Can’t find the right management software for your company? At The Bubble Company we deal with software design and development for companies and freelancers. Our customers build the program with us, combining their requests with our technical expertise, to develop quality software and make better decisions. Contact us for a free consultation . Corporate website for B2B: 5 statistics you need .

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How to create a business website

 you need to know company-website Don’t know UAE Phone Number List if your company’s website is effective? Would you like to have a company website that keeps up with the times, but don’t know how to proceed? You are in the right place! In this article we will see some simple data that allows anyone to evaluate a company’s website, even in B2B. But first let’s take a step back. Why create your own business website? If until a few years ago the distrust towards online purchases was greater and in some cases even justified, today buying on a website has become a widespread custom. Users are in fact much more digitally literate, managing to consciously distinguish a possible scam from a safe purchase. 

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