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The World Cup has starte. The match schedule is going to keep us very busy. This World Cup has a great novelty. If in the South African edition an octopus fe with mussels was use to find out the winner of each match, this time it is artificial intelligence that tells us who is going to lift the 2018 World Cup. Germany will beat Brazil in the final. Spain and France will be third and fourth. That prediction comes courtesy of Unanimous AI , an artificial intelligence startup that does a complex type of crowdsourcing. Founde by scientist and engineer Louis Rosenberg, Unanimous can be use to better understand .

Challenges & Opportunities

The nuance opinions of a population, making it useful for tasks such as conducting market research, diagnosing diseases, or making predictions about the future. Hit history Launched in 2014, the company’s technology already has an impressive resume of accurate forecasting. He predicted the value of the last three years’ Oscar winners more accurately Russia Number Data than any individual expert. He anticipated the name of the person of the year and in 2016 he did the plenary session in the Kentucky Derby: the first four finishers, and in the order in which they reached the finish line. Someone bet with that prediction and won 50,000 euros.

The company’s sports

World Series four months before it happened; Last year, before the Patriots defeated the Falcons in the Super Bowl, 34-28, Unanimous predicted exactly that score. However, Unanimous was not born for that. Its founder, Rosenberg, has dedicated much of her career to improving human intelligence. He was educated at Stanford, worked in the US Air Force and combined that work with his dedication to augmented Russia Phone Number List reality. In the late 2000s, he began to think seriously about how to make people smarter, not individually but collectively. “There is a reason why birds fly in groups, fish swim in schools, and bees They are organized in honeycombs.

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