Health sector this category includes pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurance and medical technology companies . Despite the importance of its protagonists, they only represent 3.4% of the companies that develop mobile health applications. In general, these are large companies, with more than 5,000 employees. The main objective of this stakeholder is to create awareness around their brand, product or pathology. Despite the small number of developers. They have published the most mhealth applications to date. But the average number of downloads is low compared to their competitors.

Health sector

They are also the least satisfied with the achievement Austria Business Fax List of their goals in the healthcare applications market. 2) application experts this category is made up mainly of small companies, with between 3 and 10 workers, dedicated to the creation of mobile applications . They constitute 14% of the players in this market. The main objective of application experts is to take advantage of the great potential of this sector using their knowledge of mobile design and development; they have a relatively small number of medical experts, but they know everything about the world of apps. 3) solidarity as in the previous case, this category is mainly made up of companies with between 3 and 10 employees.

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Application Experts

It represents almost a third of the market (32%). These My Numbers List types of companies are not focused on generating income. Which is only a minor factor; his main motivation is to help others . They usually consider that they have reached or even surpassed their goals. Even if the total number of downloads achieved is modest. In fact, this stakeholder has the highest percentage of participation in the segment of “Companies with less than 5,000 downloads last year” (61%). 4) medical experts medical experts account for 20% of the healthcare app market.

Its main characteristic is that they put their knowledge of medicine at the service of application development. As in the case of caring, a large percentage of medical experts are motivated by the fact of helping others. However, in their case they combine this motivation with profitability : this stakeholder has the highest percentage of participation in the segment “Companies that generated more than a million dollars of revenue with their health applications last year”.