Hubspot if your company does content marketing , hubspot is absolutely essential. Here you will be able to learn more and better about content marketing, obtain all kinds of insights about your brand, coordinate the work of the entire team and find customized solutions for all types of companies. Do not miss its mobile app to have all the information you need at your fingertips at any time. App that facilitates the productivity of a marketing team 2) slack the definitive chat to organize teamwork. Slack is deceptively simple, but tremendously effective. Create an account for your work team and open a channel for each relevant project (you can make it public or private).

Hangout (or Skype)

The different members of the team Germany Business Fax List will have access to the channels that interest them, as well as to the general one. And thanks to its integration with trello and other applications, increasing the productivity of the marketing team will be easier than ever. App that facilitates the productivity of a marketing team 3) aligtoday an application specially designed to “Align” your marketing team with the objectives of your company. The basis is very simple: it is about making the entire organization focus on a series of priorities, which in turn are aligned with the company’s global business objectives.

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The same direction, daily mini-meetings My Numbers List of less than 15 minutes are held. 4) buffer social media management is one of the most expensive tasks for the marketing team in terms of time. Ensuring good coordination between the different social profiles of the brand is essential, and buffer is in charge of facilitating this task. With this application, you will be able to schedule and synchronize all your posts on twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest, optimizing this task so that your marketing team can be even more productive.

App that facilitates the productivity of a marketing team 5) evernote have you ever had a notebook to write down important things? Evernote follows the same principle, but with exponentially multiplied potential. With this essential app, your team will be able to create their own “Virtual library” with all the relevant information, easily retrievable. And thanks to its handwriting recognition function, you can store both “Analog” and digital information. 6) dropbox until very recently, synchronizing files between different team members was a constant headache.